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  • 0801 Residenz Waldner

    The U-shaped new construction of a residential and commercial building in Algund. It is divided into three building sections, with an inside rectangular courtyard.

  • 0262 Energetic modernization of a residential building under protection as an historical monument

    In view of the historical importance of such buildings, one major architecture issue is the optimal preservation of the &

  • 0308 Residential complex with 22 apartments

    The apartment complex consists of three buildings connected with each other by means of an underground parking garage. The complex has a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The open spaces on the property are used for the most part as pri...

  • 0264 the dahoam chalet

    A new building characterized by high energy efficiency and a sustainable design was built on the basement story of a building dating back to the 1960s. This new vacation domicile – a magnificent chalet – is situated in a peaceful and sunny locat...

  • 0319 Duplex apartment

    The new fabric of the building was seamlessly integrated into the overall village scenery and surroundings. The latent qualities of the interiors and open spaces were exploited so that the building&