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1533 Mals boarding school

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The U-shaped building encompasses the available land and thus creates a spacious interior courtyard.
The building is shifted in position as far as possible to the southeastern and northeastern setback. The natural topography in the sloping areas is thus allowed to come right up to the building.
The main entrance is via the existent access street, and all additional areas are then accessible from the courtyard.
The area of the “cafeteria” and the “central area” are three-storied. Only the sports area consists of just two stories – this is to allow the sunlight to shine into the inner courtyard as much as possible in the afternoon and evening.
All areas are clearly arranged and nevertheless form an enclosed unit.
The arrangement of the domestic area in the last two stories provides the necessary intimacy and ensures that there is sufficient space between it and the other activity areas.
The custodian’s apartment is separate and stands alone on the grounds.